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Coca Cosplay

Cosplayer and Dressmaker from Germany
Aug. 31 '14

Progress so far

On top Shiro (Adekan)

Bottom Zelda (Twilight Princess)

asu-cosplay-progress helped me alot <3

Aug. 23 '14

a bit more progress

the dress of zelda: can’t go on right now ‘cause i don’t have the thread i need v-v

SHoes for my Shiro cosplay <3 (Adekan)

Aug. 17 '14
i just saw an inspirational lace at ebay
i had to draw what was in my mind
and i&#8217;m really in love with this design

i just saw an inspirational lace at ebay

i had to draw what was in my mind

and i’m really in love with this design


Aug. 7 '14
A bit more progress ♥

A bit more progress ♥

Aug. 6 '14


we had a wonderful shooting~

(totally forgot about it! ><)

Me as Tomochika Shibuya

asu-cosplay-progress as Nanami Haruka

kagetsucosplay as Kotobuki Reiji

blueblancercosplay as Kurosaki Ranmaru

photos takey by kagetsu and celestia <3

Aug. 6 '14

gues who?

here’s some more progress for the nichi-cosplay ^^

i’m sorry for the lack of updates

but my work takes a lot of time

and i dont have much time to du other things than eating, cleaning the house or sleeping…. v-v

Juli 11 '14

Painted swirls on fabric
Dyed fabric

I really love how this came out x3

Juni 29 '14

Zelda progress

it nearly took me the whole day


Juni 4 '14

Wip for connichi cosplays
And also my wig for my upcoming cosplay kouha ren (magi)

Sorry for the inactivity these days but i spent most of my lifetime at work like last summer

Mai 17 '14

some of the materials of the cosplays for connichi <3